The Power Of Video Marketing Compared To Other Methods

You are here which means you literally know what the “online marketing” means, so I’m not going to start from a blind well. But still for those who are new in the marketing field, here goes the definition of the term “Online Marketing”.

What Is Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most rapidly emerging field in the advertising industry. In layman’s term, you can say, in online marketing one finds his/her customers using the source of internet or E-mail. As the name suggests, online marketing is also known as internet marketing. Most of the time owners of E-commerce sites use online marketing to get more sales from their website.

Modes Of Online Marketing

There are different modes of online marketing, for example, I have enlisted few of them below:-

  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adsense Ads
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

From all of the above online marketing strategies Video marketing is most effective one. Furthermore, I will be explaining “Power of online marketing in advertising industry” only so let’s get started.

Videos Are The Best Tool For Online Marketing

Videos are the strongest and leading sales tools. It is estimated that over 90% of the U.S population alone watches up to 3-4 hours of YouTube videos in a day! Chances are if you have a video to advertise or market your service or product you are more likely to succeed and get more sales. Statistics have shown after searching for Google, people go straight to the first link of YouTube! This is mainly because people want to watch and understand an easy to comprehend video rather than reading through lines of text. A video, when done right, is extremely important for the well-being of your business.

People want to seek maximum information in less time and this goal can never be achieved without video marketing. Have you ever thought how YouTube made its name in very short interval of time? Obviously, because the founder of YouTube knew that videos are the only method to provide maximum information is less time. Suppose if an article or other forms of marketing takes 20 minutes to convey its message to you but on the other hand, a video takes only 4-5 minutes to convey the same message then definitely people will prefer video marketing rather than all other modes of online marketing.

Marketing Is Easy When It Goes Viral

In online marketing, if a video goes viral than there are 100% chances of more sales and it is the biggest edge for online video marketers. Just forget online marketing for a moment and consider normal TV advertisements and compare them with print media. What do you prefer in your routine life? Reading newspapers for hours or spending few minutes in front of the TV screen to get the same info as provided by the newspaper? I am sure your preference will be TV, not a newspaper so same formula applies here in internet marketing.

Lets Compare Video Marketing With E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is also a good advertising tool on the internet but not as efficient as Video marketing. In the email, marketing advertisers send emails to their audience and try to attract them toward their products. Email marketing is also alike marketing through text, in this sort of internet marketing advertisers send emails .i.e. their offers in the form of text which may contain short articles but it also takes the time to read full text if compared with watching a video.

If you are still confused among different modes of online marketing then forget everything my whole article is summed up in below picture, check it out.

Above explanatory picture sums up my whole article and I hope that you guys are strong enough to extract the meaning of the above picture. Let me ask a question, which is the best and top site for videos? Of course, youtube and most of the marketers use Youtube as their best tool for the sake of advertisement. Have a look at a graph of monthly published videos on youtube, I am sure it will motivate you toward the importance of video marketing.