Nine Different Ways To Earn Awesome Income Traveling Abroad

make money abroad

Working whole day in an office is very difficult for everyone. The supervision of boss is much more terrible too. Unfortunately, the desire to make more money remains stagnant under such circumstances. A robotic way of office routine makes you dull and tired.

Besides, the internet nowadays has become a better source to earn online. It doesn’t matter from which country you are. Just find the hidden talent in yourself and start working online. Among the outstanding ways of working abroad, some are discussed here:

Social selling

The simplest way to earn is selling unwanted but noble things from your house through a social media like Facebook. Just contact a customer and place your price.


Multinational companies or institutes often conduct surveys to monitor some specific domains from all over the world. You can become a part of one such survey. You can gather information and statistics from your nearby and deliver it to the respective institute.


Blogging is the most valuable cause of earning. 23% of the world population is earning through blogs. Internet marketing is based on blogs and many businesses are run just on the basis of these blogs. Ads or affiliate links generate enough revenue for your living. All you have to do for this is to attract a handsome number of audience.

Craigslist Selling

A handy approach to selling your household items from wooden to steel is possible now. Place on craigslist sales and gain money. You have to simply fill up the list.

Video Earning

YouTube is now carving a path to earn money just by posting your videos that must be noble for others. By gaining audience (normally by subscription) you can run ads on your videos. Users often visit these ads and generate revenues for you.

Just do a little work i.e. post videos through your channels according to viewers’ interest what they want to view? Earn their trust and you are up.

Selling your Talent

Another easy way to work in your bed is to freelancing. Fiverr and FreeLancer provide you the easiest way to sell your talent in terms of your skills & expertise that may help you to acquire revenue. The secret to working here is to make sure that you have a good command of English grammar.

Many people are designing logos, designing web pages and development, removing bugs from them, and lot more through Fiverr. You can be one of them.

App Designing

If you have a good aesthetic sense, you can generate such amount of money that you can’t imagine. Making Android or iPhone apps will allow you to charge money to customers through ads, downloads, or updates. A large group of app designers is in this field.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is online products selling the site. You can create backlinks to amazon in your blogs that will generate regular commission from amazon. You have to pay your time for this.

Web Designing & Development

Programmers are up in this field. Since the internet is based completely on websites, so this domain is quite large. It requires a lot of work generating lot of money. Companies demand such designers and developers with whatever cost they demand.

So I would suggest that you have to polish your skills in this field.