Can Blogging Give You Full Time Income?

Does Blogging Provide Living Income

Back then blogging is something that has been good place to tell things or explain ideas. It is now more than newspaper. Internet has been number one influence why blog now is beyond mainstream media. We all know that it has been common thing now because modern people have smartphone to get access. You may think about that when you have good skill in telling ideas through writing.

You can start from telling about diary, review product or just about news. Back then when Google has not been as this big, there is no such clear way how people can make living from blogging but world has been developing so much and internet marketing has been good issue that everyone is focused one. Advertising has been big deal in blogging world. When you have good traffic, you can earn money from advertising.

It is just like mainstream media where big media will earn more money from smaller media. It happens on blogging too. You can earn money based on traffic and how cool and worthy your content is. The better content can give more money because there are many kind of investments you can do there like you may get endorse or just featured contents.

How advertising takes over blogging world

The era that changes a lot and almost all people in modern country has smartphone makes blogging big too as it is the only thing that everyone can do. Big companies also have blogging to do marketing and good contents inside. It can be promotion, announcement or information. However, blogging has good impact in internet era. When there have been many people try blogging, now creative people that love writing also concern on traffic too.

There have been many mainstream companies and media make blog and official website. The more traffic you can get, the more chances you can get contract from advertising company. The traffic is the key for the Earning.

The most popular advertising provider or company that can give you chances for advertising place in your blog is Google Adsense that can give you chance wider to earn money and make living. If you are consistent, you may be taken account by Adsense.

The only key is that you have to keep your contents in your blog update. You can follow the trending through AdWords or another keyword research that can give you bunch of legit keywords or niches that can boost the traffic.

Getting chance for featured contents

Another way that blogging can do for your living is that you can get featured contents.

For example, you may have concern in certain issue that makes a company that has the same issue will endorse your blog to make featured content so you need to follow up the rules and the contents you should provide based on their ideas too.

You will get paid once you have published the contents you wrote on your blog. It depends on how great you concern on the same issue that company has. The amount of the money also depends on how worth your traffic is.