Working Online – Use Internet Marketing to Make a Good Living

restaurant business

Nowadays it can be very hard to make a living especially with a lot of competition to be had in just about any sector. East West Connection wants to emphasize the problem in the restaurant sector.

Things are getting worse and that’s why now is the perfect time to be creative and have a brilliant mind because that will help you obtain some incredible results in the future. That’s what Josh Paiva managed to do and right now he harnesses the power of all that knowledge and experience!

What he did was to learn internet marketing, SEO and all the related topics properly. This is a very important skill to have nowadays because just about any company needs search engine optimization. Using quality SEO is mandatory for any business and you do need to work as hard as possible to become an SEO expert if you want to make a good living online.

Josh Paiva managed to learn SEO very fast and he also specialized in all the sub-classes of SEO as well. Basically, he possesses all the necessary knowledge that will help a restaurant acquire the first place in Google ranking and maintain it for a long period of time. In fact, he worked with many restaurants and he managed to generate up to 50% more leads, all of that on his own.

East West Connection has used such SEO services in the past with very strong results.  People like him or other SEO strategists don’t charge a lot of money for his services but he does provide accuracy and great results that everyone wants to get!

He chose to work with restaurants as well as other types of businesses because they do need better SEO in order to reach their clients. His experience with restaurants comes with a great track record and that’s what recommends him as the best possible choice here!

And as if that is not enough, he does a great job at actually harnessing the SEO skill on a daily basis as he continually harnesses his skills to help companies from all over the world. Hundreds of companies from all over the world have already managed to work with him and they pride themselves for that.

The reason is simple, he works unlike any other person and offers the best possible results very fast. He prides on attention to detail and a very good user experience. You can find him late at night trying to figure out the best approach for any project he is working on. This clearly shows the commitment that Josh has when it comes to helping his clients and the results do come fast for a person that works so hard to achieve his goals

restaurant business

One thing to note about him is that aside from being committed to the work he does, he also likes to find out more stuff all the time. That’s what makes him a great marketer and SEO professional, because he is always learning something new, he is always evolving and becoming a much better version of himself. Nothing is more important for a professional in this field that just learn all the new stuff and be good at it and he does that with flying stars.

That’s what makes Josh Paiva one of the best marketers in the world. He really knows how to work hard and achieve his goals all the time, regardless of how demanding they might seem to be at first.

One of the main challenges for him was to break into this business but he managed to do that with flying colors and that’s what makes everything so special and exciting here. In fact, the best thing about his approach is that everything is natural and he does everything out of passion.

When you want to work online, passion is indeed important. You just can’t get astounding results if you don’t like what you do. This is especially true in the realm of the SEO where there is quite a lot of competition. SEO is not easy and working online is not easy either. It can be very challenging most of the time but it can also bring in some interesting rewards which you will enjoy. The entire value you can get from working online however is well worth the time investment and in the end it will certainly manage to pay off quite a lot.

He knows that and that’s why he always works directly from his computer. He continually optimizes a variety of websites all over the globe, offers immediate consulting and all the necessary help that businesses need to achieve success.

But the true benefit is he does all of that from the laptop and all he needs is an internet connection. He doesn’t require more than that and in the end this is the main beauty of working online to begin with. You can be in charge of your own time and travel anywhere in the world, all while working with clients and making a living.

restaurant business

That’s what Josh Paiva actually does. He works from the laptop and he manages to get a 6 figure salary per year all while traveling a lot. He manages to make good money online and he sustains his life. But he does take his time to travel around 6 months per year.

This is where the benefit gets real, because even if he is traveling, money are made and he still continues to work and address any concerns while he is working. This is a very important thing for him and many other people from all over the world would like to have such results as well. It’s all about knowing how you can address any issues in your life and finding the means to pursue what you love.

That’s exactly what you get to do when you work online. People like him know that working online is difficult and it might not offer a stable revenue, but something like that delivers some impressive results. It’s all about the approach you have and the experience you want to obtain, in the end the outcome can be well worth it if you invest properly.

Try to be the best version of yourself and choose the proper way to make money. Working in a regular company will not help you achieve astounding results and achieve a great life. You just need to figure out what is good for yourself and act on that. Working online, regardless of what method you pursue, can really help you make a solid living and enjoy your life. It’s not easy at first but with hard work you can succeed. Josh Paiva can make money online, travel and enjoy his life, so can you!

Blogging – How To Earn Full Time Income With Blog

How Does Blogging Work?

Back then, blogging is just one of the ways for people to tell ideas and become the best way to get exposure from people in the internet but now it has been wider because there have been many people that get into blog and there are many people that have big concern on blog.

We may not wonder where there have been many people that can earn money like more than $1000 each month because the content is legit and there have been big traffics inside the blog.

You may wonder on how blogging can give you earning and living because the way is more than one. Some blogger usually start from much kind of blogs that give them lessons and learning to keep blogging with good strategy and content of promotion.

It is not easy to keep the traffic balance but as long as you keep writing and blogging, there has been chance to keep you get stable earning. Here is how blogging gives you earning. Just keep your eyes and understand every single way you can earn money from blogging because there are still many things to concern and consider when it has come to living from blogging

  • Commission from affiliation

There are many affiliations you can take and it has to be in line with your content in blog. It is not easy to get the real affiliation that can worth for times to search and research. There are many kinds of affiliation you can join from the digital service up to digital products like software or application.

For example, you can also be the affiliate from big company like online service or package service. You can put the link and the more you can grab users from your reader, you can get the Earning from there. The best affiliation is that matched to your issues that you love to write or the concern in your blogging.

For example, you love gardening; you can be affiliate on gardening products so you can get more money from there.

  • Advertising space

If you have big enough number of traffic, you can offer space for advertising. The bigger traffic can give bigger price of the space. You can take the example from big blog or news portal that has good and legit ads space. The content should be good.

The best way to make living from ads space is to ensure that the ads banner is in line with niche in your blog because when it is far different, you can get bad impression from your reader because it will reduce your credibility.

That is why you need to keep in line the niche and the ad banner that offers you. It is about idealism and about the good content of your blog.

  • Google Adsense Publisher

The last way to earn from blogging is being Google Adsense Publisher, Google will review your blog and then will decide whether you can be their publisher or not, you need to check whether the content is original and unique or not so you can be trusted and start to earn.


Can Blogging Give You Full Time Income?

Does Blogging Provide Living Income

Back then blogging is something that has been good place to tell things or explain ideas. It is now more than newspaper. Internet has been number one influence why blog now is beyond mainstream media. We all know that it has been common thing now because modern people have smartphone to get access. You may think about that when you have good skill in telling ideas through writing.

You can start from telling about diary, review product or just about news. Back then when Google has not been as this big, there is no such clear way how people can make living from blogging but world has been developing so much and internet marketing has been good issue that everyone is focused one. Advertising has been big deal in blogging world. When you have good traffic, you can earn money from advertising.

It is just like mainstream media where big media will earn more money from smaller media. It happens on blogging too. You can earn money based on traffic and how cool and worthy your content is. The better content can give more money because there are many kind of investments you can do there like you may get endorse or just featured contents.

How advertising takes over blogging world

The era that changes a lot and almost all people in modern country has smartphone makes blogging big too as it is the only thing that everyone can do. Big companies also have blogging to do marketing and good contents inside. It can be promotion, announcement or information. However, blogging has good impact in internet era. When there have been many people try blogging, now creative people that love writing also concern on traffic too.

There have been many mainstream companies and media make blog and official website. The more traffic you can get, the more chances you can get contract from advertising company. The traffic is the key for the Earning.

The most popular advertising provider or company that can give you chances for advertising place in your blog is Google Adsense that can give you chance wider to earn money and make living. If you are consistent, you may be taken account by Adsense.

The only key is that you have to keep your contents in your blog update. You can follow the trending through AdWords or another keyword research that can give you bunch of legit keywords or niches that can boost the traffic.

Getting chance for featured contents

Another way that blogging can do for your living is that you can get featured contents.

For example, you may have concern in certain issue that makes a company that has the same issue will endorse your blog to make featured content so you need to follow up the rules and the contents you should provide based on their ideas too.

You will get paid once you have published the contents you wrote on your blog. It depends on how great you concern on the same issue that company has. The amount of the money also depends on how worth your traffic is.

How is Crowdfunders United In United States?

crowdfunders united

Talking about crowd funding, there will be many things to discuss including the company growing and some MLM that uses the name of crowd funding. There are also many things to consider when we have come to choose the MLM. Choosing multi-level-marketing has been common solution for those who are stuck in ideas where to earn money.

That is why there have been many people that join that kind of companies. There are many considerations you should make when you are going to join. The first thing is to see the review and the compensation plan because there are many companies that have complicated compensation plans and complicated commissions too.

It can make sometimes you need to work hard and sometimes it can be the reason you give up on MLM. You are not supposed to have better positions when the plan is just too complicated. It is easy to choose because there are some reviews you can choose for the recommendation. It is indeed not all good but you can pick one of them, the trusted one to ensure that it will help you to choose the best crowd funding.

In United States, it has been popular too. The crowd funding as MLM and Crowdfunders United in United States as the companies that help people to do fund rising for the projects or others. How is the development in US? Let us see.

Generally, there has been insane increasing from year to year. There have been more than $34 billion transactions in this Crowdfunders. US as one of the biggest countries in the world from the view of economy also belong to the countries that make this funding bigger and bigger. That is why we don’t wonder that there are many people in US that try that company too.

There are also many students that apply to have the fund to do their projects. It is good signal to that kind of company because it has been the authentic proof that such funding can be legit as well. You don’t need to doubt about how it grows in US because it has been so potential. There are two major types in this funding too. The most common type that students choose is reward-based Crowdfunders and the most common type that entrepreneurs choose is equity ones.

Let’s talk about specifically. The specific Crowdfunders in US is a company that has basis as MLM companies that only use position to sell and to promote. There is also thing that you need to see when you are going to try this MLM because there are many things to make the strategies to keep the positions filled well.

You also need to ensure that you can handle all of the members so you can get the matrix full and you got the tier soon once all of positions are filled. It is essential to see that Crowdfunders MLM also grows like crazy because it has been making successful history to make newbie success in earning money.

How to Make Money from Home by Using Internet


Well On this occasion I would like to share a bit of information that I know about how to make money from home, to earn money from the internet, but if you are a master of online business information as I submit the following will not be useful for you. Because the information that I have outlined below is a small fraction of the many online businesses are circulating on the Internet.

How to make money from home

How to make money online is not easy, no need to work hard and continue to learn, because you want to do is to do business in cyberspace rather than in the real world so you have to be very careful in taking an action because the internet is susceptible to fraud, one little steps you will float money (personal experience deceived people.

Okay, immediately I will write to the main topic that I will discuss about how to make money from home and the following are ways:

The first is by using PTC. PTC stands for Pay per Click. You can participate directly follow a program like this for free, and if it joins your job is just to click and view ads that show which has been provided by the PTC site until the duration of the ad.

How to make money

The time duration of advertisements usually ranges only between 3 seconds until the longest duration of 60 seconds and generally the longer the duration of the ads that appear, the greater the commission you will get.

Indeed, many people thought the play PTC of how to make money from home was a waste of time just because the result is really small, and to be able to payout require quite a long time, but it seems that assumption will not apply to you are determined and willing to learn the working system of the PTC. I myself is still actively playing PTC, because this PTC is the most legit to me.

The next way of how to make money from home is using Android Applications of WHAFF Rewards. Not only using your PC or laptop but through an android phone, you can also earn a dollar from the internet.

Application of WHAFF is one of the best android apps dollar moneymakers lately. They are again on the rise and in the interest because it is very easy and simple. WHAFF really pays on time.

Because WHAFF is an android app, to create an account of WHAFF then of course it requires an android smartphone. Once you download this application and then open the app and click enter or log-in located at the top, you can sign in by using your Facebook account.

To get dollars of how to make money from home and makes your account not considered as spam and seen active, you are required to do an activity on account of WHAFF.

How to make money from home – Last Info

You can go to the menu of Pick Premium, download some applications and games that they provide to gain rewards and you will also get rewards more if you maintain an application that you downloaded earlier and did not remove it from your android device.

The Pick WHAFF will also give rewards to you if you download an app available. Furthermore, please slide the screen to the right again and you can check your attendance every day to get a dollar extra in the Presence.

Nine Different Ways To Earn Awesome Income Traveling Abroad

make money abroad

Working whole day in an office is very difficult for everyone. The supervision of boss is much more terrible too. Unfortunately, the desire to make more money remains stagnant under such circumstances. A robotic way of office routine makes you dull and tired.

Besides, the internet nowadays has become a better source to earn online. It doesn’t matter from which country you are. Just find the hidden talent in yourself and start working online. Among the outstanding ways of working abroad, some are discussed here:

Social selling

The simplest way to earn is selling unwanted but noble things from your house through a social media like Facebook. Just contact a customer and place your price.


Multinational companies or institutes often conduct surveys to monitor some specific domains from all over the world. You can become a part of one such survey. You can gather information and statistics from your nearby and deliver it to the respective institute.


Blogging is the most valuable cause of earning. 23% of the world population is earning through blogs. Internet marketing is based on blogs and many businesses are run just on the basis of these blogs. Ads or affiliate links generate enough revenue for your living. All you have to do for this is to attract a handsome number of audience.

Craigslist Selling

A handy approach to selling your household items from wooden to steel is possible now. Place on craigslist sales and gain money. You have to simply fill up the list.

Video Earning

YouTube is now carving a path to earn money just by posting your videos that must be noble for others. By gaining audience (normally by subscription) you can run ads on your videos. Users often visit these ads and generate revenues for you.

Just do a little work i.e. post videos through your channels according to viewers’ interest what they want to view? Earn their trust and you are up.

Selling your Talent

Another easy way to work in your bed is to freelancing. Fiverr and FreeLancer provide you the easiest way to sell your talent in terms of your skills & expertise that may help you to acquire revenue. The secret to working here is to make sure that you have a good command of English grammar.

Many people are designing logos, designing web pages and development, removing bugs from them, and lot more through Fiverr. You can be one of them.

App Designing

If you have a good aesthetic sense, you can generate such amount of money that you can’t imagine. Making Android or iPhone apps will allow you to charge money to customers through ads, downloads, or updates. A large group of app designers is in this field.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is online products selling the site. You can create backlinks to amazon in your blogs that will generate regular commission from amazon. You have to pay your time for this.

Web Designing & Development

Programmers are up in this field. Since the internet is based completely on websites, so this domain is quite large. It requires a lot of work generating lot of money. Companies demand such designers and developers with whatever cost they demand.

So I would suggest that you have to polish your skills in this field.


The Power Of Video Marketing Compared To Other Methods

You are here which means you literally know what the “online marketing” means, so I’m not going to start from a blind well. But still for those who are new in the marketing field, here goes the definition of the term “Online Marketing”.

What Is Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most rapidly emerging field in the advertising industry. In layman’s term, you can say, in online marketing one finds his/her customers using the source of internet or E-mail. As the name suggests, online marketing is also known as internet marketing. Most of the time owners of E-commerce sites use online marketing to get more sales from their website.

Modes Of Online Marketing

There are different modes of online marketing, for example, I have enlisted few of them below:-

  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adsense Ads
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

From all of the above online marketing strategies Video marketing is most effective one. Furthermore, I will be explaining “Power of online marketing in advertising industry” only so let’s get started.

Videos Are The Best Tool For Online Marketing

Videos are the strongest and leading sales tools. It is estimated that over 90% of the U.S population alone watches up to 3-4 hours of YouTube videos in a day! Chances are if you have a video to advertise or market your service or product you are more likely to succeed and get more sales. Statistics have shown after searching for Google, people go straight to the first link of YouTube! This is mainly because people want to watch and understand an easy to comprehend video rather than reading through lines of text. A video, when done right, is extremely important for the well-being of your business.

People want to seek maximum information in less time and this goal can never be achieved without video marketing. Have you ever thought how YouTube made its name in very short interval of time? Obviously, because the founder of YouTube knew that videos are the only method to provide maximum information is less time. Suppose if an article or other forms of marketing takes 20 minutes to convey its message to you but on the other hand, a video takes only 4-5 minutes to convey the same message then definitely people will prefer video marketing rather than all other modes of online marketing.

Marketing Is Easy When It Goes Viral

In online marketing, if a video goes viral than there are 100% chances of more sales and it is the biggest edge for online video marketers. Just forget online marketing for a moment and consider normal TV advertisements and compare them with print media. What do you prefer in your routine life? Reading newspapers for hours or spending few minutes in front of the TV screen to get the same info as provided by the newspaper? I am sure your preference will be TV, not a newspaper so same formula applies here in internet marketing.

Lets Compare Video Marketing With E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is also a good advertising tool on the internet but not as efficient as Video marketing. In the email, marketing advertisers send emails to their audience and try to attract them toward their products. Email marketing is also alike marketing through text, in this sort of internet marketing advertisers send emails .i.e. their offers in the form of text which may contain short articles but it also takes the time to read full text if compared with watching a video.

If you are still confused among different modes of online marketing then forget everything my whole article is summed up in below picture, check it out.

Above explanatory picture sums up my whole article and I hope that you guys are strong enough to extract the meaning of the above picture. Let me ask a question, which is the best and top site for videos? Of course, youtube and most of the marketers use Youtube as their best tool for the sake of advertisement. Have a look at a graph of monthly published videos on youtube, I am sure it will motivate you toward the importance of video marketing.

Can Social Media Boost Restaurant Traffic?

If you’re in the restaurant business and need more business you’re missing out if you’re not using social media.

We are all wondering, does social media boost traffic? Is this real or not? The reality is that social media is indeed one of the best ways to boost traffic for any website but you do have to use this properly and as fast as possible. It can help you get some incredible results in the end and it all comes down to you to get the best possible experience.

Of course, there are situations in which boosting your social media exposure can be very challenging on its own. Sometimes it can be very frustrating to actually have social content and not be able to promote it, so you have to see the social presence as a challenge.

Yes, it can boost your website traffic but you have to work hard in order to have a large audience there otherwise everything will be in vain.

You have to stay committed to the cause and focused on results because the outcome will be well worth it. There will still be situations when you will not be able to decide properly and right off the bat, but remember that issues like this can appear. You have to address them immediately and based on that the results will pay off for sure.

Of course, using the proper social media channels will also help. You have to stay committed to the cause and focus on results at all costs, because that’s what will bring the value and the results you want from this type of situation.

In addition to that, social media can help you target specific users that will then be shared with your site. This means that you can do targeted lead generation. This means more sales and high quality results with basically no investment. That’s what makes this experience so amazing, and that’s why you will like it a lot at the end of the day.

You should refrain from using social media if you don’t have quality content to share there but if you focus on it the right way then amazing results can emerge. You just have to be committed and focused on what’s ahead of you, all while entertaining and informing the customers at all times.

The more information you share the better the results will be in the end. If you are committed then the outcome can be amazing, it all comes down to how much time you are willing to spend and how good of an experience you want for your customers. Do all of that, focus on the results ahead of you and always try to use the power of social media to your advantage. It will always be well worth it, so keep that in mind and you will not be disappointed!

Blogging and Publishing In Restaurant Business

Blogging and publishing can be very powerful in the restaurant business.  Many people are more focused on their business and need to outsource this work.  However it can bring local restaurants much needed traffic especially when starting business.

If you are looking for good platforms that you can use for blogging or publishing, then you need to know that there are quite a lot of them out there. It all comes down to you to unlock their potential but, first, you have to identify which one are these and how you can use them.



WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for a reason. It’s very easy to use, refined and it integrates a whole lot of value. It’s also easy to install and you should totally give it a shot for that reason alone.


This is a great publishing as well as writing platform. It has a very good exposure in the online world and it’s really popular as well. It’s definitely well worth using especially if you want to promote your content fast and efficiently.


Within this platform you can find a variety of leads for your potential services. That’s why you should try and use it. Thanks to it you have the ability to generate more leads and provide your business with great results. That’s why installing and using PostHaven can be a very good experience for bloggers.


Ghost is not that popular but it is a very good platform. It works very well, it offers plenty of customization options and bloggers will feel right at home here. It really is a solid experience and one that you certainly do not want to miss.


Tumblr is popular but it’s also very easy to use. It’s basically the best platform you can use to showcase your writing and blogging, so why not check it out? It has some of the best online exposure which is what matters the most in the end.


Similar to WordPress, this one is more of a minimalist approach but it does work. If you want to use a good yet simple blogging platform with this one you can be right up your alley.


Contentful is simple and very easy to customize. It features a variety of nice options, it’s created with ease of use and it just works seamlessly. You will like the great attention to detail and very good performance. Overall, it’s a solid product with immense quality and great results. Well worth the time investment.


With Postagon you can get your content out very fast and it does work well. It’s a really interesting platform that you can use fast and which does help you obtain some incredible results. Well worth the time investment for sure.

Regardless of what platform you want to use, rest assured that blogging and publishing can be very helpful. Try to do that and also check out all the platforms listed above to get the best experience!